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Contemporary services

Contemporary funerals are only limited by your imagination. It might be that the location is non traditional, such as a beach, a park, the pub, your home or perhaps the content of the service does not follow a traditional format, for example; family run, informal format, use of non-religious ritual, the use of art and/or music as tools for reflection and healing.

We understand that our clients are unique and at Potter’s Field we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to suit your individual needs. We are open to all suggestions and will endeavour to facilitate your requests within the bounds of the law and our physical capabilities.

As we move toward a more open and inclusive discourse around death and death rituals we encourage family and friends to personalise their services as much as they are comfortable doing so. Certainly, we recognise the comfort of traditional and formality in some circumstances, but it’s not one size fits all; your service can be as unique as the loved one you’ve lost.

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Other funeral options
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Traditional services

Finding comfort and solace in time honoured traditions.

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Service types

We provide cremation and burial services throughout Victoria, at the cemetery of your choice. Burial options range from traditional grave selections including; lawns, vault, monumental and mausoleum options and alternative burial choices including natural and upright (location specific).

A single service is where the entire proceedings take place at one location, such as a church or chapel (or other venue) without following onto a second location. This means that the cremation or burial takes place privately following the service. Family and friends may wish to move onto a secondary location for a wake or celebration, but this does not require the attendance of funeral staff.

A dual service takes place at two locations, such as a church or chapel (or other venue) followed by an attended graveside burial or witnessed cremation. In the case of burial, the initial service will be followed by a formal cortege to a graveside location where the final words of committal and laying to rest of the deceased takes place with loved ones present. In the case of a witnessed cremation, a selected number of family and friends may follow the hearse to the crematorium to witness the cremation after the service has taken place.

A graveside service consists of a simple ceremony provided directly at the graveside. There is no formal service held prior in a chapel or other location. A service at the graveside is usually smaller in attendance and shorter in duration, as it is usually a requirement for the attendees to be standing for the entire service and may be held in inclement weather. Although less formal than a church or chapel ceremony, it can still contain all the elements of tradition service such as eulogies, music and prayer. A graveside service is usually concluded with a ceremonial sand or flower offering atop of the lowered coffin.

A witnessed cremation can be held as either a standalone service or following on from a single service or even precede a memorial service. This requires the booking of a private room in the crematorium where a small number of attendees can gather for a short period of time to say farewell in their own way and watch as the coffin is placed into the cremator.

A private cremation or burial is held when there is no formal funeral service; only funeral staff will be in attendance. Family may or may not choose to have some type of ceremony at a later date.

A memorial service is usually held after the cremation or burial has taken place (with or without the cremated remains present). There are a number of reasons for choosing a memorial service;

  • It allows family to personalise their farewell in a way that doesn’t necessarily fit with their idea of traditional funeral service.
  • It can allow family more time to make the right decisions in regards to the final farewell of their loved one, without the added pressure of laying the deceased to rest.
  • It may be the wishes of deceased that their body not be present, or the wishes of the remaining family, for their own reasons.
  • The decision may also be a financial one. Without having to employ the services of a funeral director to hold a formal service, families can save money by only engaging the services of a funeral director to assist with a direct cremation or burial and the required documentation.

At Potter’s Field Funerals we can provide assistance with both the preparatory arrangements in regards to laying your loved one to rest, leaving you to organise your own memorial service or provide you with a complete service including assistance with organising and booking your memorial service and providing staff on the day to assist with the running of your event.


"The kindness and respect shown towards my Mother following the loss of her much loved brother was nothing short of excellent.  When Mum was grieving and at times confused by the process of making the arrangements, Josephine was able to put her mind at ease with her gentle and caring approach. Nothing was too much trouble and it was much appreciated.”

– Robert Rennie

“I’m beyond thankful for the love and care you have taken with my Dad and the opportunity for me to send him off in style today was just lovely.
Thank you for all your support.”

– Sonja Louise