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We provide affordable, flexible, and community-focused funeral services.


At Potter’s Field Funerals, we take the time to understand the needs and requests of you and your family, providing meaningful and affordable funerals that are suited to your budget and requirements.

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Affordable Funeral Services

In Melbourne

At Potter’s Field Funerals, we understand the importance of planning a funeral service just the way you want it. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary, or budget funeral, we offer a wide range of options and service all areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

From offering low-cost funeral services with no hidden fees to ensuring your family receives the highest standard of care and hospitality, we strive to ensure that your ceremony to bid farewell to your loved one is a memorable and special one.

We are there to take care of all the details so that you can focus on other family matters. Our compassionate funeral directors will work closely with you to provide honest and transparent advice throughout the whole process; we also make it a point not to sell you overinflated funeral packages that you don’t need.


Traditional Funeral Services

Find comfort and solace in time-honoured traditions.

We, as a community, put great value on honouring and preserving the traditions of our ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultural practices – while also developing and shaping a community built on our common needs and shared beliefs and practices.

Contemporary Funeral Services

For a send-off as unique as your loved one.

As we move toward a more open and inclusive discourse around death and rituals, we encourage family and friends to personalise their modern funeral services as much as they are comfortable doing so.

Eco & Green Funeral Services

When simplicity, conservation, and sustainability matter.

Our supportive funeral home recognises that for some, the option of a natural, green funeral is their choice of a new tradition to start and the way in which they wish their lives to be remembered.

We are flexible and able to provide you with various eco funeral options.

Pre-planned Funeral Services

Providing financial and emotional peace of mind.

Whilst we understand that considering a funeral in advance can be quite confronting for some people, a pre-planned or pre-paid funeral can take away the stress of making decisions at a time when people are in deep grief or shock.

Pre-planning involves meeting with one of our funeral home consultants where all your options can be discussed and considered. Once you have made a choice as to how you would like to proceed, we will keep those details on record until needed.

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Arranging a funeral can be a difficult time.
Our experienced team will help and taking care of your needs and wishes.

Our Commitment to You


We are an Australian funeral company trading as a social enterprise. Our philosophy is that providing a funeral service is not purely a commercial exchange; it’s a community exchange.


We keep our service and funeral fees affordable so everyone can have the dignified and meaningful send-off they deserve.


By choosing Potter’s Field Funerals, you will be assisting in the provision of funeral services to financially disadvantaged members of our community via our partnership with Bereavement Assistance Ltd, so they get the meaningful send-off they deserve at a reduced cost of a typical commercial funeral.


As part of our full onsite mortuary service, our qualified embalmers can restore, sanitise, and ensure the hygienic preservation of your loved one. You can be confident that your loved one will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.


We can be contacted 24/7 for urgent response.

Potter’s Field Funeral Venues

We service all areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria, providing meaningful and affordable funerals suited to your budgets and requirements.

Our funeral venues include cemetery chapels, green funeral spaces, and other venues that can accommodate funeral or memorial services. Please contact us to view our extensive list of funeral venues in Victoria.

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What Our Families Say

I'm beyond thankful for the love and care you have taken with my Dad and opportunity for me to send him off in style today was just lovely. Thank you for all your support.

– Sonja Louise

The kindness and respect shown towards my Mother following the loss of her much loved brother was nothing short of excellent; When Mum was grieving and at times confused by the process of making the arrangements, the team at Potter's Field was able to put her mind at ease with her gentle and caring approach. Nothing was too much trouble and it was much appreciated.

– Robert Rennie

Thank you for arranging our father's memorial service and for supporting our family every step of the way. Your approach was respectful and caring and exactly what our father wanted.

Jen Sartain

I would like to thank Alex and his team for their kindness, and professionalism in taking gentle care of mom. They politely guided me and my brother through every step of the process. This helped ease our minds so we could just focus on the funeral mass service to celebrate moms life and Father Esuru to give her God's blessings, and her burial service to farewell her life from here into the new beginnings of eternal life. Thank you from our family.

Ana Willis

I want to thank Potters Field for the care and excellence in the care of my sister in law. And Georgia the funeral director, was so lovely and patient . I recommend them highly, a terrific team with compassion and even though its on a budget, they treat people with respect and kindness.

Anne Margaret Morrall

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help and take care of all the details in your time of need, so you can focus on celebrating the life of your loved one.

How quickly do we need to decide on a funeral? What if I don't feel ready straight away?

Death is an incredible difficult trauma to deal with. There are some religions and cultures that demand burial or cremation within a very short timeframe and that is always well known within the family and community so is a very straightforward process.

If there are no strict cultural or religious traditions to uphold, and the deceased has not prepaid or pre-arranged a funeral service or made their wishes known, it is the next of kin and those who loved them who have to make the decisions of where,when, burial or cremation in an unfamiliar, emotional and exhausting context. Once a loved one is in the care of a funeral director, they can be cared for while these decisions are made. Each funeral service and each family’s circumstances are different; sometimes, time is of the essence, other times, a delay of a week or more is essential, determined by: the availability of venues, clergy, celebrants, family and friends who live far away. Open discussion with your funeral director about your specific needs will ensure that the service for your loved one will be the farewell you want it to be and honour their lives in the most appropriate and fitting way.

Does the hospital or doctor give me the death certificate?

The doctor or hospital is required to write a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death and lodge the certificate with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. A copy of that certificate is provided to the funeral director, not the next of kin and is given to the crematorium for a cremation, and to the cemetery for a burial, along with the required documents signed by the next of kin. The funeral director can provide a copy to the family if they request it.

How do I obtain the death certificate?

The funeral director lodges a Death Registration Form which contains the personal information required for the death certificate with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages following the funeral. The registry will process the application and post the certificate directly to the next of kin, listed on the form as the informant, within 4-6 weeks. If your loved one’s death was reported to the coroner, the certificate will be issued approximately 12 weeks after the funeral.


Arranging A Funeral

Mortuary Care

Our qualified embalmers adhere to a strict code of ethics and ensure that your loved one will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Our embalming service encompasses the restoration, sanitisation and hygienic preservation of the deceased. 


Viewing is a non-obligatory and personal choice that allows families to say their final goodbyes to their loved one. In addition to seeing and spending time with the deceased prior to the funeral, flowers, special objects or photographs can be placed in the coffin or casket with your loved one during this time. 


If you would like to arrange burial services as part of your funeral, simply let us know. From liaising with your preferred cemetery location to assisting you with the selection and purchase of cemetery plot, crypt, vault or mausoleum, we can do it all. 


We can help you organise cremations for your loved ones, with or without a funeral. For those wishing to have attendance for the cremation, we can arrange for that as well, so you can bid farewell to your loved one the way you wish to do so. 

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