Decisions To Consider When Organising A Funeral

Oct 6, 2022 | Funeral Services

Death can be hard on many people and that is why they say funerals are not for the deceased, but for the living – it is how people cope with the sudden loss of their loved one. So it goes without saying that organising a funeral can be overwhelming. Hasty decision-making — understandably so — may result in exorbitant spending and an unsatisfactory experience.

Hence, making the right plans when it comes to the burial requirements and other necessary arrangements for a funeral service in Melbourne is crucial. Here are some factors you should consider when it is time for you to plan and execute a meaningful farewell for your loved one.

1. Setting an appropriate budget

Organising a funeral can rack up the costs as it includes charges for the coffin, urns, burial or cremation, wake venue, hearse rental, catering, flower arrangements, and other miscellaneous expenses. So, it is important to have a rough estimate set in order to avoid over-spending on the day. Once that is done, you can start researching for funeral service providers that cater to your budget to ensure that you get an affordable funeral and cremation service for your loved one.

2. Finding an experienced funeral director

The funeral director you choose can affect your whole event so it is one of the most important decisions when organising a funeral. Once you hire the right funeral director in Melbourne, the whole process will be smooth-sailing as the director will take over the reins and allow you to grieve in peace with your family and friends.

3. Deciding on the type of service

The most meaningful way to send off your loved one is to provide a funeral service that reflects their religious beliefs and values. If the deceased is someone who is very religious, you might prefer to have the funeral at a place of worship or with certain cultural traditions in place. On the other hand, if the deceased was not religious, you might choose to opt for a private place to mourn. Regardless of what your loved one is fond of, any experienced funeral director from a funeral home in Melbourne will be able to plan and execute the last rites in line with those preferences and traditions.

4. Selecting an appropriate burial

Nowadays, there are many options for a final resting place, including a traditional burial, cremation, eco-friendly burials, and even donating the body to science. Each of these options has its own separate requirements and arrangements. As with the type of funeral service, the method of burial should be aligned with the deceased’s values and beliefs. Speak to an experienced funeral director on the range of options available so you have a better idea of which burial method to opt for.

5. Distributing the workload

Organising your loved one’s funeral can be emotionally and physically draining, hence, you should not be doing it on your own. Besides hiring a suitable funeral director, you should also distribute the workload to your family and friends. Menial tasks such as supervising the catering, checking on the logistics, and even choosing the music can be passed on to others so that you will not be overwhelmed with tasks when you are supposed to be grieving.

6. Arranging a wake

Although very common these days, a wake is optional for those who wish to get together with family and friends before or after the funeral service to comfort each other and remember the deceased in a more informal setting. You also have the choice to skip this entire process if you wish to grieve in private. Whatever your decision may be, you should discuss it with your funeral service provider in order to conduct an event that is tailored to your needs.

These factors are non-exhaustive and there are many more things to consider when you organise a funeral – but it just goes to show that you do not need to be overwhelmed with the process alone. At Potter’s Field Funerals, our funeral directors are not only experienced but also empathetic and professional in helping you organise a funeral with the utmost care and hospitality. Visit our website or call us at (03) 95684047 to find out more.

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